IR command via Pronto Repeats 3 times - USBUIRT

This may be an incredibly basic question, but i’m having such difficulty finding the answer.

Have the USBUIRT hooked up to my vera lite. I need to have 4 basic functions :

  1. turn on
  2. turn off
  3. turn on 3d mode
  4. turn off 3d mode

to accomplish 3+4, i need to make a macro that will press the 3d button - directional down - select.

I’ve programmed 3d button and the select button no problem.

But the directional down pronto code repeats the command 3 times. Since the 3d menu is only 3 options, it just cycles back to the top.

i’ve been using the USBUIRT learner program as well, but each code i ever get for the down button has 3 distinct presses

Oh, and i can’t create a custom remote and learn commands for some reason. Vera support suggested i send the pronto codes.

So, here’s the question :

Can i update a pronto code to only send the command once?

Anyone have any ideas?

Excellent. I like you comment. It good to do that.