Will there ever be a native app to control Vera?

Yes, we are showing it at Cedia in 2 weeks, and will have screen shots at that time.

What is your booth number at the show?

We’re in the Z-Wave alliance area

Look for them in booth #1201, just inside Entrance #3 of Building C. This year’s CEDIA EXPO runs from September 9-13, 2009 at the (Atlanta) Georgia World Congress Center.

Want more info? Visit http://www.cedia.net/expo/index2009.php

I look forward to meeting MiCasaVerde, we’ll be in the Z-Wave Alliance booth too. We’ll be showing our Z-Wave enabled window shades, actually a brand new offering from a major player in tubular motors.

I am excitied about the new booth location too, very nice!


Will the native app be released soon after?



So as Cedia has started, will we be getting screenshots and information about the native iphone app?

Why does it have to go to Cedia first. I thought you could just submit it to Apple and wait for the ok.

I imagine MCV wanted to launch the new app with a big of a bang, rather than just dribble it out in the forum.

Also, my iPhone is jailbroken, so the app doesn’t even have to be approved by big bad apple for me to use it!

MCV - need a beta tester???

I agree with madas! MCV, where should we look to get more info on the iPhone App being shown @ CEDIA this week?

We’ll have a press release on our site in a couple days and a link to a demo video and screenshots. Yes, if somebody has a jailbroken phone, we’ll probably be interested in beta testers. We’ll post an announcement.

Great! I’m definately in for the beta program!


I’m trying to send Engadget HD, and Cali Lewis over to the Z-Wave Alliance booth to check out the iPhone App, as well as the new Luup firmware. I told them about all the cool stuff you guys are doing…hopefully they listen to me!

I have a JB iPhone and would be willing to beta test as well.

Any screenshots and info yet Micasaverde?

I agree, it certainly has been “a couple of days!” ;D

I too would like to see it!

I think they are all very busy. Support aren’t responding to tickets either. I guess we just wait.

They should at least reply