iPhone Notification

Hello hoping someone can help me out. How do I make the VERA app send notification to my iPhone. Not a txt or email notification I want the general app notification for instance when the garage door is open notify my phone.

If you are using the official VeraMobile app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/veramobile/id787203434?mt=8 . First you need to make sure the push notifications are enabled from Users & Account Info → User Info , and make sure you check the box for “Send me push notifications” . Then you can create notifications from scenes or device settings.

I use the plug-in Vera Alerts and the iPhone app VeraMate. Vera Alerts will push them to your phone pretty quickly.

Prowl (iPhone app) rules. I have Vera do a perimeter check before bed, and if there are open garage doors, send a Prowl alert to my iOS devices with an URL-scheme URL and params to invoke a Pythonista script on the phone that sends the commands to Vera to close the doors if I tell it to proceed.