IP Camera for Vera 3

I’m looking for camera to use with my Vera 3. Please help me to choose the right one. Can it be used my old Axis IP Camera and how to set up it for getting SMS , emails and Video clips .
Also I’m surprised that very few write about Vistacam which is belong to micasaverde. More people have Foscam cameras. Is it some reason for that?
Thank you for help.


Hi Lenny,

I have 2 wireless IP Foscams on my Vera system - FI8910W and Fi8904W. They both work really well with Vera using the Foscam plugin =) Most people use Foscams because there’s a good plugin for them =) The only problem with the Foscams is you can’t run the 5V power longer than ~10’ because of the loss unless you have a really low gauge extension wire. I opted for a POE device for my outdoor camera since I had to run the power about 15’. The POE devices are 24V through a CAT5 which has a down converter to 5V at the camera end. This allows you to extend the power wire distance to around 300’. This works great. Anyway I hope this helps.


Thank you very much , Rob. I’m going to try one soon.\

I have 4 Q-See brand IP cameras integrated into Vera Lite. They are manufactured by a company called Dahua and marketed under the Q-See brand in the US. They are POE and are connected to a POE switch for power. I connected them one at a time to my switch and then assigned them a static IP on my network. Then I followed the instructions for adding an IP camera into Vera. It works very well and I can stream the cameras one at a time when I am connected to the Vera UI5 web page.

Here is a link to the cameras on Costco.



Thank you Bob !
If I’m understand right I can try use my old Axis IP camera to set up as you just described !


Hi Lenny,

I used the instructions from this post to add my cameras.


My cameras are ONVIF compatible. I don’t know if that is a factor, but my understanding is that ONVIF cameras are somewhat standardized.


Anyone got Foscam FI9821W working? It’s one of the new HD ones with H.264 video streaming…

yes check the foscam thread

WARNING - this is a rant , but from a real customer who is giving up on MiCasa Verde

Bought the whole MiCasaVerde deal a year ago. Set up thermostat and camera somehow. nothing but frustration with the camera thing ever since. Thermostat works fine remotely. Camera worked fine but I could never get email alerts from motion detection; this is key to using this as remote security. Seems you need to have some kind of advanced geek gene to be able to diagnose and fix this problem because the MiCasaVerde site, wiki and company offer almost NO help. The information offered is hopelessly outdated. People in the forums do a mighty job helping poor non-techies like me but at the end of the day I have burned several hundred dollars and countless hours with no solutions for making the motion-detection work.
Now I recently tried it again by fiddling with the settings and I apparently “bricked” my $150 Vista Cam camera, the one they say “comes pre-configured out of the box so all you have to do is plug and play” - what a crock!
I am going to Lowes for an Iris" system that, at least if it doesn’t work there is someone I can complain to and probably return it.

Thanks John! I’m still going to try Axis camera near the future. I hope it will be more stable.