Invoke LUUP methods from Devices

I have created a scene and added a luup code to the same. The idea is to fetch the status from various devices and apply a logic to take certain actions.
I am currently following polling technique to fetch the device status. I am maintaining a code lookup of all the devices I need and the statuses of these devices. I have a method to pull the statuses from the device using luup.variable_get() method, and invoke this method in regular intervals (delay using a luup.call_timer).

Is there a better way to fetch the status at real time - rather than simply polling.

Is it possible to write a luup code and embed on the devices (using the implementation : I_***.xml files). The luup code should be capable of invoking the functions in the scene?

Good ideas are welcome.

  • Srivatsan

Not real sure what end result you are looking for; however, the Events trigger in scenes may help and the watch_variable function may be useful. See