Invalid date/time (jan 1, 2000) / 404 on certain files


Recently I bought a VeraLite to start playing around with ZWave devices.
Although the ‘installation’ went ok, I’m facing a problem regarding the date/time now.

I set my location (NL) correctly in the web-interface, but the VeraLite seems to think that the actual date/time is: Saturday January 1 2000, 01:17.
The correct time should be: Wednesday July 10 2013, 17:07.

Prior to this I had two firmware updates.
Both updates took longer than 15 minutes, so I had to power down the VeraLite and start it again.
After each upgrade, the version number was updated.

SSH / Putty
As I found other topics regarding this issue, I tried to log on using Putty and executed the following commands:

[tt]root@MiOS_35106067:~# cat /etc/TZ
root@MiOS_35106067:~# uci show ‘system.@system[0].timezone’
root@MiOS_35106067:~# date
Sat Jan 1 01:15:15 CET 2000
root@MiOS_35106067:~# date -u
Sat Jan 1 00:15:20 UTC 2000[/tt]

Errors in Google Chrome console
While I was ‘debugging’ the timezone issue, I also discovered that several files (*.js, *.css) are not found when clicking around in the web interface.

[tt]GET 404 (Not Found) /cgi-bin/cmh/
GET 404 (Not Found) /cgi-bin/cmh/
GET 404 (Not Found) /cgi-bin/cmh/
Uncaught ReferenceError: OfflineUnit is not defined init.js:178[/tt]

Does this mean that something went wrong with the firmware update?

Edit 17:30
I executed the following commands in Putty to install a NTP client, and now the time is correct:
[tt]opkg update
opkg install ntpclient
/etc/init.d/ntpclient start[/tt]

But I still wonder if everything is ok because of the missing files.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the 404 errors. One possibility: MCV’s testing image has those additional files, but they aren’t in the production image used by customers. Or it’s a dangling reference that no one has noticed.

Thanks for your reply. It seems to work ok now. The time is still accurate after a week.