Introducing the VistaCam 1200 Doorbell Camera

Obviously I have tried with the repeater and other wifi doorbells but the connection is usually unstable. (I’m fine with ATZ it has Lan / wifi, door opening, Onvif and SD)
I find it illogical to propose a “VistaCam1200” video camera for communication that does not have a secure and stable connection … we hope something better will come out in the future

How do you feel with Doorbird? … what model do you suggest?

Will this work with Blue Iris?

Yes it has an Rtsp video stream.

ahhh I just got a DoorBird D101S would it be worth returning and getting VistaCam 1200 Doorbell?

Does anybody have any experience with DoorBird?

I’d like to integrate this with Blue Iris also. What username and password would I use?

Where in the heck is a user manual for this cam? Can I change the SD Card? The rubber dealie over it seems glued on! How do I access the video on the card? How do I set the motion alert settings for recording, etc.?? The only info that came with the cam is a little book showing installation, nothing else!

This only works WiFi, therefore unstable intercom

Thanks for the information on your Vera integration. I have two RCA HSDB2A (same hardware / different firmware, as previously noted). I flashed mine to EZVIZ firmware, disabled the RCA logo on the video feeds (using IVMS-4200 to edit settings), then loaded LaView firmware to enable ONVIF. They’ve been great.

I posted about the VistaCam 1200 release over on the ipcamtalk thread a few days ago - nobody seemed interested :slight_smile:

It would be nice to experiment with the Vera doorbell firmware if they publish it. That’s probably wishful thinking, since the firmware is Vera’s only differentiator…

Too bad Vera didn’t/couldn’t bring this to market years ago when it was teased… (Vera UI7 ▾ CES 2017 ▾ VistaCam 1200 Doorbell Cam - YouTube and others)… or at least on a timeline comparable to the other brand clones of this Hik doorbell. I’ve had my RCAs installed for a year and a half, and I wasn’t an early adopter… got sick of waiting.


I am going to use Ethernet connection. Are you using DoorBird D101S?

When will it be available to the Australian market?

If its POE - why does it need a new hardware power?

If the Vistacam 1200 support rtsp request, is it possible to have the defaut userid / password, port (if different from default 554) and stream path to use ? I would like to integrate the vistacam video in a generic camera to Home Assistant display.

rtsp://<userid:pswd·>@<IP Address>:554/<stream path>