International Compatibility

Hi guys,
I’m starting in this new world of automation. The thing is that I live in Chile (south america) and I don’t know if the devices (Veralite and accessories) are going to be compatible at all.
And when I say compatibility I mean:

[ul][li]Voltage (we use 240)[/li]

Do you know if I get the Starter Package it will work? (or if I get the devices separately)
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Chile uses the same Z-Wave frequency as USA and the power supply with Vera Lite is 100-240V 50/60Hz. So, Vera Lite should be OK for Chile even if purchased from the US.

The packages include appliance modules, however, and these will be 115V if sourced from the US. The plug-in modules will also not fit Chilean sockets. Are there any local automation suppliers that would stock suitable modules?

I see that [url=][/url] stock Fibaro modules. These are excellent and should handle most of your switching and dimming requirements.