Intermatic PE653 using Veraedge (HARD wired hack)

Hello, I am giving this information because I to have tried to connect up the Intermatic PE653 to the Veraegde with no success. All I wanted to do is be able to put my Pool in what I call Spa mode remotely away from home (Switch the valves, turn on the main pump and heater) all done by the PE653.

The information below is a way to remotely run the 5 functions (Relays) of the PE653 using the Veraedge as the controller and associated Z-Wave Relays. (NOTE this does not give any feed back as to TEMP, TEMP control, Status of button Position “on/off” within the PE653)

Simple explanation of what I did is I HARD wired directly to the 5 momentary switches located on the PE653 front control board (See Photo) and installed Z Wave momentary relays to act as though you where standing in front of the Intermatic PE653 pushing the buttons!!!

Solder wires to the top left pin of all 5 switches. 1 Common wire can be attached to the Bottom of any switch or to the solder hole I found on the board as seen on the Photo.

NOTE: You must use a MIMOlite relay on Switch 1. MIMOlite allow the relay to act as a “Momentary” Switch. Set the Scene control in the Veraedge to “When turned ON to immediately turn OFF” Remove the J5 jumper as stated in the MIMOlite instructions that turns this unit into a Momentary Switch. This relay reacts very fast which is what the Switch 1 on the PE653 works best (Quick ON then OFF). If there is any long delay and the relay holds closed too long then it will not trigger the internal relay in the PE653 or will lock it up. (You must have access to 120V outlet. MIMOlite has 9V power transformer)

I used a ZMF-80 (Wired to 120V) on the other switches with no problems and set the Scene control also in the Veraedge to “When turned ON to immediately turn OFF” You can use MIMOlite on all the switches if you want but they are more expensive than the ZMF-80.


Nice write up. It is a cost effective way of enabling Z-Wave control of the PE635.

I would also like to point out that the Intermatic PE653RC has Z-Wave control built in giving full Z-Wave control including temperature readings without modification.

Yes the PE653RC does have Z-wave control built in but it only works with the PE953 hand held transmitters that is associated with it!!

I tried all the tricks to try and get it all to work with the Veraedge and at one point I thought I had it all working/talking but in the end the only time I could get even any Temp reading or Functions of turning the 5 switches on or off while using the Veraedge is when the PE953 hand controller was awake and able to communicate to the PE653 and not in sleep mode. (Figured that one out by accident because I was using both and happen to notice when the Hand Held went into sleep mode I lost all control and temp readings on Tablet!)

Sorry but that is the only time I had any limited control or temp reading is when the Hand Held unit was enabled.   And I did try it all (Associate, Not Associated, Main Controller,  set up as a Secondary Controller, Controller Copy, Controller Shift etc......)

I was thinking of getting the Intermatic PE653RC. But if it does not work with Vera, I will not. If the Intermatic PE653RC only works with its own controller, what the point of it having zwave? They could have used their own technology. I would like to have the hand held device and integration with Vera. Allow me to create scenes, etc.

Has anyone got Intermatic PE653RC to fully work with Vera?