Intermatic CA3750

I have two Intermatic CA3750 relays on my Vera3 UI5, both are in DPST configuration by the switch on them.

One of them allows me to just use the “master” device to switch the relay on and off as I would expect. The other one requires that I switch on both the “child” devices to activate the relay.

Any ideas on why this second CA3750 is behaving this way?


Three possibilities could cause this issue.

  1. Signal quality. - The CA3750 has electronics obstructing its antenna. There are areas like behind it that do not have good signal. Try moving Vera closer to the CA3750 and see if it behaves differently.

  2. Misconfiguration/glitch. - Try excluding and including the device again. Then power cycle the device at the breaker and see if it makes a difference.

  3. A bad 3750. - Replace.

Thanks for the response.

It seems that the CA3750 problem has magically gone away of its own accord. The master device now controls the relay correctly!!!

I think what I may do is have the scene switch on and off all three devices (master and two children) just in case this reoccurs without me noticing. Does that sound like a plan?

That the problem “miraculously” resolved itself leads me to further suspect a signal issue. If that turns out to be the case, perhaps and intermediate node. to increase the resiliency of your mesh, might be a good idea.

Your plan, to switch all three devices in a scene. definitely sounds like a plan.

I have another node about three feet away that works perfectly so I am guessing it is not a signal strength/quality issue, and a heal looks good (5 stars).

I will go for switching all 3 devices and check it now and then.

Thanks for the input.