Intermatic 3-Way Switch

I’m trying to replace an old 3-way x10 switch with a Intermatic HA14 3-way wall switch. The old x10 had 1 master and 1 slave switches. I haven’t found an Intermatic slave switch, so how exactly do I hook it up? Each box has 3 wires. I’ve been able to hookup the HA14 in box1 and it works fine, but in box2 I used a standard (non-zwave) 3 way switch and if box2 switch isn’t in the on position, the HA14 can’t turn on the light.

Any advice?

Just look a companion switch…ACT makes the AS101 which HomeSeer sells for 13.95.

wseverino: Thanks for the heads up on the AS101. I’ll give that a try if I can’t figure anything else out.

From reading the instructions (diagram) for the HA14, it looks like I should connect the common (red) to the standard 3-way switch on the bottom left of the switch. It looks like from the diagram that the other 2 lines should be tied together and connected to the bottom right of the switch. The top right is marked “not used”. Not sure if I understand the diagram correctly.

Yeah and it looks like you need to run a traveller wire to the load. Seems like its more trouble then its worth!

It looks like the AS101 only works as a slave for switches like the ACT ZDW103 which require a neutral. Does anyone know of a 3 way switch that doesn’t require a neutral or special traveler wires?

I have a slightly different setup than you. I’m using the HA18 (3-way Switch) in a regular single pole installation. The diagrams from Intermatic show that it must be setup as receiving power from the breaker box and then sending it to your light. Well… my house wasn’t wired that way. For me, the power goes to the light first and then to the switch. In order for the HA18 to have a proper neutral going back to the breaker box, I had to fish an extra white wire into the wall. It took a while, but at least it all works now. My other option would have been to connect the neutral to the ground but then that would have electrified the box and that just isn’t smart.

So, who knows… you might have to fish an extra wire too.