Interfacing to the Vera

I may be the only one out there that thinks this way but I thought I would put it out on the table anyway!
MiCasaVerde…why don’t you have a simpler way to communicate with the Vera?
Keep the scripting for those who need it but tag in a simple protocol that uses the ID tags and variables.
For example, I just finished writing an interface to the Brultech power monitor…it took me a wopping two hours to write it because it uses a table with a byte by byte description of the returned data stream.
I know it is not that simple with the Vera beacuse it does other things as well but it could be much much simpler…and for a low resource machine it needs to be simple!
Just watch the network traffic when the web interface is running and you will see what I am talking about!
Just curious if any one else would make this recomendation…I would rather spend my late nights doing something else! Ha

Tim Alls