Interface Change

I need to make several changes on the UI5 interface. I was looking in the files a lot but I can’t find where are generated the buttons in the top menu - DASHBOARD | Devices | Automation | Apps | Users | Energy | Setup . I tried to hide the setup button with jQuery like that:

Nothing happened. I guess that the content is generated a lot after the document is ‘ready()’. I searched the JavaScripts for id’s like #menu or #buttons but I wasn’t able to find where it is generated from.

Any suggestions?

P.S. Have anyone worked on a simplified version of the MiOS interface. Something light and cross-browser compatible?

What I am trying to do is change the labels of the buttons, but my JavaScript doesn’t seem to address the elements appropriately. Any suggestions?

What you are trying to do is Hard. The UI5 JavaScript is a veritable maze, and if you want to learn how it all hangs together then you’ll be spending hours in front of Firebug. I tried, and decided that life was better spent doing other things.

Back up a step and tell us what you want to achieve and we might be able to point you down a different path.

I fully agree with you, but just mention lots of the things are generated in the animate.js. If anyone else is trying to translate or change something on the interface ui5/animate.js is the key.

The buttons are defined in /etc/cmh-lu/ExtraStaticData.json