"integrating" a Skylink alarm system

Hey all,
Really interesting community/product you guys have going here. Interested to see if I’ll be able to utilize it.

Here’s my situation: I have a Skylink SC1000 security system. I have about 20 sensors for it, and have been happy with it’s performance…so I’d rather not invest the time/funds to replace it with a Vera-compatible system. Unfortunately, Judging by what I can find on the forums here, I don’t think I’d be able to integrate the Skylink with the Vera in a traditional sense by being able to control it remotely. However, I don’t have the need to arm/disarm remotely…all that I would like to happen is for the Vera to take some actions (trigger strobes, for example) when the SC1000 alarm is triggered.

Is there a way to do this? If there were an “audio sensor” for the Vera that would be triggered by the SC-1000’s siren, that would probably do the trick…but I haven’t had any luck finding such an item.

Any recommendations on how I could work this?

Thanks in advance

Researching this a bit more, my Skylink system has audio sensors which have a “Normally Closed Contact (wire connection)” output.

Is there anyway to utilize this output signal through a Vera-compatible appliance to trigger the Vera?

I found your post when I was searching for a solution to pretty much the same issue. I had purchased a Skylink security system several years ago and have been happy with its performance, however ever since getting into home automation I couldn’t find an easy way to link the two without replacing the Skylink devices. Your post about the wire connector output for the audio sensor got me thinking. I remembered that there is a Skylink module which is for those that have trouble hearing and it is supposed to turn on a light (or whatever you connect to it) when the alarm is set off. I figured that if you can connect a zwave device to the Skylink module, whenever it receives power I would be able to get a notification sent to me through Vera. If your interested the item is “SW433 - Skylink Light Flasher” which I purchased off of Amazon, I haven’t received and tested everything just yet, but I think it is so far the best option.

Dafury & Bandit2020,
So did you find a solution to this ?
Which Vera sensor should i use which can trigger an input to vera from “SW433 - Skylink Light Flasher” ?
also i guess The skylink audio sensor may be the best solution for trigger alarm from vera