Integrate CallMeBot with Vera (Telegram Phone Calls)

Hi, In case that you are interested, instructions to integrate CallMeBot with Vera will be available very soon.
CallMeBot will allow you to make Telegram Phone Calls from Vera’s scenes.
It has been announced today on their Twitter:

The bot will ring your phone and say the message that you want.
Very nice and free.


Neat! I had been thinking lately of trying the same with my Twilio account, since their API makes it trivially easy to generate phone calls with variable spoken text.


May I suggest that your listing of the available voices…:

…be made to correspond with (namewise, even if not as complete as), the one you link to…

…where users can listen to audio samples. Without that, it’s a bit unclear which Voices your “Male 1”, “Female 2”, etc. correspond to, unless one inspects the calling URL more closely (i.e. “Female 2” == ‘en-US-Standard-E’).

You may also want to remind users to include their Country Code (especially people in the U.S. who won’t think to type ‘+1’ before the Area Code), without which the API will timeout.

UPDATE 1: I’ll leave all this up for others who try poking around before the actual instructions get posted (at which point I will remove this Reply!). Please note that the registration process will require a Telegram Messaging username, so you might want to get a jumpstart installing that (free) app and selecting a username before all the good ones get taken, lol.

UPDATE 2: Everything works awesomely once you get a Telegram ID.

PRO TIP: Windows users may want to install the Telegram Messaging applet on their PC as well, in order to receive CallMeBot call directly in their browser!

This is Borja from CallMeBot. Thanks for the suggestion @LibraSun. Please don’t remove your Reply as you are providing good information and tips for other users.
The instructions are available now on the webpage:

Feel free to try it and send me any feedback.


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Yay, thanks! I commend your team on putting together what looks like a very solid tool with wide appeal.

I’d also like to share with my fellow Reactor plug-in users the fact that you only need one Expression variable and a single Activity step to make a CallMeBot call:

CallMsg := "Message_text_here."

[Notify] [User URL] [{CallMsg}] [<username>&text={message}&lang=en-US-Standard-C&rpt=2]

No Scene or Lua necessary!

Conceivably – I know he brought up this topic last month – @rigpapa could include “CallMeBot” among the built-in list of assistants included within the ‘Notify’ action in Reactor, so that it’s just a click away.

Fields needed:
[Telegram ID]


Have been using Vera Mobile push notification and e-mails to alert me when something at home needs urgent attention, like alarm triggered or flood sensor activated, but found that sometimes push messages and e-mails are delayed (and don’t always hear the alert if the phone is not close enough). Such a quick and simple way to extend the functionality of my HA setup. Thanks for making this available.


Vera can now send WhatsApp Messages! (for free) :clap:
Have a look here:

The instructions are very similar to the ones posted above for Telegram Phone Calls but just changing the parameters and URL. (really simple)

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