Instructions to migrate from Vera 1 to Vera 2

I took advantage of the upgrade offer.

On the sales page the following instructions are listed:

After receiving your Vera 2, remember to backup your settings from the Advanced Backup tab, disconnect your Vera 1, and restore the settings on your Vera 2 being sure to check the box to restore the ZWave firmware.

There is a generic set up sheet for Vera 2 (but as if you’re a brand new customer).

Also my existing Findvera account is tied to the existing Vera1 box.

I have questions before I disconnect my old Vera and hopefully someone else who also had already done the upgrade can assist with.

  1. Is it that simple, back up, unplug, replug the new and then restore? Also, what about the Schlage locks. I’m not sure of what the backup contains, does it contain the contents of the old dongle also? Or will I need to basically start over?

  2. I am a Schlage lock “rebate” customer, who was entitled to the free reminders and the video storage from the old “paid” service. I had to “transfer” my status to a new Findvera account when I had to send my first Vera1 back due to a problem with hardware (beyond bricked) and got a new Vera. Is anybody else in that situation? I have been wanting to do the camera, and was just waiting until I made the time to sit down and add it.

  3. I’m disappointed with the lack of instructions and do not feel assured that it will go smoothly. I would have expected MCV to write a specific page or sheet to assist upgraders. I can’t find any other instructions on the forum or the wikis. Or am I one of the few brave or foolhardy users?

My Vera 2 has arrived. I have upgraded firmware on my Vera1 multiple times. Experienced issues several times including one instance of bricking which necessitated use of the restore utility.

Always like the idea of starting out fresh when doing a major upgrade. I am thinking that I should bite the bullet, reset the z wave network, and factory reset my z wave devices rather than try and do a restore. My past experience has made me pretty fast at rebuilding the network :-).

I believe my master list will still be “contaminated” with all of my prior inclusions and exclusions of z wave devices since that is backed up on MCV’s server.

I agree. If I were you, I’d do a clean install. My system is more complex, so I opted to migrate using the “restore” method. The down side of that is, as you have pointed out, that I carry over all the old (and now invalid) devices that the system always remembers.

FINALLY success with this upgrade.

I got an email from MCV, unbelievably, yes.

There’s a page now somewhere on the wiki which describes how to go from Vera 1 to Vera 2.

First: You MUST upgrade the Vera 2 – I upgraded to the brand new 1047 beta (This got rid of the No Zwave message I was getting.)

Then on Vera 2 you Download from a master controller, and on Vera 1 you do the Controller Shift. However, I was hung, because my 2 units were not together. (I didn’t know that was why at the time.) I put the Vera 2 on that dang battery, and moved it over and plugged it in to the Vera 1’s now empty ports. Then I activated Controller Shift and Download again, and a few minutes later, I was done (Other than the heal network to account for the new final location.) By together, I mean within normal device pairing range. I sent some feedback to alter the instructions based on my experiences.

I DO like 1047, some funky things with the Schlage locks going on, need to diagnose this and repair if I HAVE to. But just haven’t had the time yet since yesterday evening. But the SQRemote and the iVera apps now connect even smoother than before. And with the UI4, I can pull up the remotely on the iPad (NO FLASH).