Insteon, Zwave Dongle, and External USB Logging on Single Vera2

I have a situation somewhat forced on me by a duff battery pack that came with my Vera2. Partly thinking that using an Aeon Zstick would be more convenient than unplugging everything and carrying the bundle around the house, I spent some money and got an Aeon Zstick.

Issue I hae is external data logging to USB (dataMine plugin), Insteion PLM, and then the Zstick. Only two USB ports.

After some messing around, and quite surprisingly, the unit seems to be happy with a port replicator on the bottom USB Port = /dev/tts/0, where I plugged in Zstick and Insteon USB from PLM (physical interference may require you to get a USB ‘extension lead’) and the 4GB USB I use for data logging on /dev/tts/1, which is only way (so far) I’ve gotten the dataMine plugin to work.

Just FYI for anyone that comes across this – it I can say the devices all seem to work. What I don’t know yet, but will report back on if apparent issues, is whether the Insteon signals and Zwave coming into the same Vera port will create serial conflict issues. My Insteon logging is ‘sensor tripping’, wheras the Zwave stuff is more continuous.