Insteon vs z-wave

Hello all,

I’m new to all this home automation and am fascinated by it. But I wanted to ask, what’s the difference between Insteon vs z-wave? Why would I choose one device other another?

Also, I know Insteon is disable by default on the VeraLite, would it cause additional resource if I enable it?

I would highly suggest you search the Internet and this forum. There is a wealth of information out there. Vera is Zwave first and insteon second.

  • Garrett

Though basic, I think that Vesternet offers good answers to your questions.

What is Z-Wave?

Insteon or Z-Wave?

Home Automation Technology Feature Comparison.

Also it is not just about the protocols being used, it’s also (and perhaps more important at times) what you can do with the associated controller.

I have both a Veralite and an Insteon Hub running, and I have to say my Vera is a Swiss Army knife in comparison to the Insteon, I’ve been able to get so much more out of that unit compared to the Hub.

If you like to get your hands dirty, Vera provides you with a wealth of possibilities, where as Insteon for me is much more locked down.

So for me - I would recommend an insteon set up to my parents, who want to do simple and straightforward things with a set number of proprietary devices. Where as I would recommend Vera to a friend who would like to benefit form the wealth of z-wave kit out there but also a lot of kit they might already have e.g. - Nest thermostats, Wimos, Philips hue, Sonos, etc. all working and feeding off each others.

Just my personal opinion…