Installing an Aeotec Home Energy Meter (ZW095) - One Clamp (60A)

The marketing and product box for this item promotes that you can plug it in and power it from a nearby socket.

They show that approach in the manual for the US 110v version , but for the UK/EU 230v phase 1 version, it suggests it has to be hard wired into the main consumer unit ?

As I have a socket right next to the consumer unit? Please could someone explain why I can’t connect the power cable to a UK plug and power it, rather than pay for an electrician to hardwire it?

You could do it no problem. Powering from mains or via a plug is not different and it’s just a clamp, where you plug it should not affect its functionality.

Thanks @therealdb,

I thought that too, but it makes me wonder if there is something it needs from the power supply end ?

For example if I use a UK plug, then I’m adding a fuse (3, 5, or 13 amp) into the mix ?

If you look at the US example of 110v, it shows it being plugged into a wall socket, however US plugs don’t seem to have fuses inside them, which means it would be just a pure electrical end to end connection (nothing in the way?)

Thoughts ?

we don’t have a fuse in Italy as well. UK is unique in that (I remember I read something about that in the past - and it’s historically done to compensate old electric instability back in the days - it’s fascinating) and I’m sure any fuse is OK, since I have mine installed with no fuse since 3 years and it’s working OK.

Hi @therealdb

I want to ensure I’m putting the clamp around the right positive (live) cable?

I have two cables coming into the house (red & black) that go into a digital electricity meter, and I then have two cables coming out of the electricity meter?

Do I put the clamp on the (Live) cable before or after the electricity meter?

What have you done ?

It’s on my part of the cables, because that’s what is measuring the consumption. And because the part going to the meter is not my property and thus it’s illegal in Italy to mess with it.

I understand, it’s a little bit mixed up with mine :slight_smile:

I have one cable coming in, that goes into a main metal box with switch/breakers inside, and then out of that comes two cables, which go into the electricity meter (where the readings are taken)

Based on what you’ve said it sounds like your clamp is on the cable coming out of the meter going to your consumer unit/main fuse board ?

Is that correct ?

I have put a UK 3 pin plug on the power/cable end and have attached the clamp around the live feed, orientated in the direction of K → L - with it going into my house electric meter.

I have also included the ZW095 into my VeraPlus and I can now see watts being reported.

What would have happened if I had installed it the wrong way ? WIll it only work one way ? What would happen if I had the K → L going the other way ?

I will say this, the readings, that were coming in from my previous CurrentCost energy meter (clamp) were much higher than this Aeotec version (about 100-150 watts difference) ?

Sorry for all the questions, I can send you photos if that will help ?

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Here are the default device settings by the looks of it, if you have something different, please feel free to share…

I can see @reneboer shared his here → Aeotec ZW095-A - Z-Wave Plus - Home Energy Meter Gen 5 - No Data Reported - #3 by reneboer

And here’s the z-wave classes/options → HERE

If the direction is inverted, you’ll get negative values. I have watts reported every 30 secs and other param every 240 (voltage, amps and kwh). Look at the manual, because it’s possible to differentiate them.

It’s enough precise for me to forecast the month billing, but you need to decrease the polling interval of param 111.

Please could you share more on how you use this to forecast your monthly bills, do you have a Lua script that does something with the information vs costs (if so I’d love to see that)

Happy to have a play, but its the Aeotec instructions, that can really lose me at times, as the guidance details against parameter 111 are…

Set the interval time of sending report in Report group 1 (Valid values 0x01-0x7FFFFFFF)

Now, that looks like it’s giving me a range of bits, as 0x01 is the least significant bit set, hence the decimal value is 1 ? Also I rarely go in to the parameters to change things, so I’m a bit nervous, plus I assume Vera is already doing the conversion for me here ?


If you have time, please could you let me know if you have anything reported against the Clamp device on the UI ? I only have the 1 but it’s blank, and I’m just wondering how I get it to show kWh…

Looking here - > Home Energy Meter Gen5 setting your sensor to report. : Aeotec Help Desk there seems to be reporting options, so curious what others have done.

I wrote some code in C#, no lua. Since I’m on a fixed rate, it’s easier. Just get the consumption of the previous x days and do some math.

Here’s my params:

I’m reporting Watts/KWH every 10 secs, and the others every 240. You could in fact schedule 3 different updates and request different things, to avoid too many messages going on the zwave queue.

Thanks again @therealdb

Attached are photos of what I currently have set up on my VeraPlus

By the looks of this, I should only have Watts reported, however I have KWH too, and there seems to be different values reported between the two devices on the UI ? Any ideas why ?

Device Options …

On the UI…

I don’t have separate devices, but just one. I frankly can’t remember how I setup this, since it was almost 3 years ago and it just worked after. Maybe there’s something in the old threads?

OK, well I reached out to Aeotec support and it seems this is an issue on the ezlo/Vera side, here is the response I got back…


I took a look at this once in the test setup.
Unfortunately, it is the case that Clamp 1 is not updated. However, this seems to be a problem with the Vera UI.

I suggest you hide clamp 1 and set parameter 101 to the value 3.
Then you will have your current readings displayed.

Best regards

Sebastian Putz
Field Application Engineer

That could be what I did as well. I really can’t remember, but this is a classic in Vera’s world, so I can’t exclude it neither.