Inside Vera Edge

Thought I would post a picture inside the Vera edge.

  • Garrett

Thanks for posting that Garrett!

Given the MT7620A Chipspec, I hope they didn’t bet the ranch on using that in the other models in their proposed lineup.

Any idea what the third antenna (top left) is? There appears to be an unused UF.L connector close by. The FCC specs on the VeraEdge do not mention any other frequencies/radios besides 908.4MHz(Z-Wave) and 2.4GHz(WiFi). Is there possibly a Buetooth radio in there as well?

Not sure I was wondering the same. There was mention of rf433 and zig bee in the new controllers. There also appears to be a few pads that have no chips on them. And another connection for an antenna which has no connector.

  • Garrett