Inquiry into SleepIQ integration

I thought I saw a thread on here about using data from the SleepIQ system built into the newer Sleepnumber beds, but I can’t find it. What section would a thread into creating a plugin (or just sensors) based on the sensors in the bed? I’d like to be able to create an occupancy sensor as has been done with SmartThings. Other functionality would be great as well.

I have not found any information searching the forum. I just purchases a SleepIQ bed and I know its IP address. I am looking for API information so I can program Vera to communicate with it. If anyone finds out how to do this, I would be interested as well.

There are a couple of Python implementations that are used by another hub, and a groovy (language) implementation used by another. Googling will turn those up pretty quickly.

Thank you, I saw them. Deconstructing their work to figure out how to control the bed is too daunting for my pea brain. And I saw where some files may be editable using a USB stick so I may explore this some this winter if I get time. If I may any progress, I’ll post here.

I kind of read over this quickly but this thread might help get you going:


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