Inital set-up fails

I amgoing to the local ip address and keep getting this error message.
Communications error while retrieving local database.
It pops up at the first screen and will not let me do anything.
Any ideas?

I’ve had that error many times but not recently. Try loading a backup copy of your devices/settings. If you don’t have one (you should always have many backups) try reloading the firmware again and choose the factory default option. Reload your devices again.

I didn’t have a backup since I was still trying to do the initial setup and it wouldn’t load the first page. I ended up trying to reload the firmware and noticed something odd. It said I was running version 1.0.989 and that the current version was 1.0.979. Maybe it shipped with an upcoming release? I loaded the final version with UI2 and it seems to be working, but I didn’t get a chance to add any devices yet. Hopefully it will still be playing nice after work today.


You probably got Vera from a distributor or dealer. To them, we shipped currently Veras installed with 989. Since then, we have fixed some bugs and made some improvements and released the final UI2 release: 996. We are working hard on the UI4 and the development for UI2 and UI3 has stopped.

I am very slowly getting somewhere. Now I added a light switch, but vera can not configure it and it will not respond.

I finally got it working. So far this is definately not an easy process

I should get my Vera any day now and was wondering if I should go into the setup and check the firmware version before I do anything else. I am getting it from a retailer (SmartHome). I should use 996 correct ?


I also got mine from SmartHome and had to load 996 before I could anything to work.