Incorrect lock status

I searched for info on why my lock status is sometimes wrong. I found and did what it said. I got the logging to work, saw the numbers I should the whole time I had it going, of which, I locked and unlocked all the doors many many times. The problem I have is that it’s not constant. Status might be right for days, then one day a lock or two will have the incorrect status, so it’s nearly impossible to catch the error.

The locks are kwikset, 6 total, all have new batteries. I’m running UI7 with the latest update. I don’t have any add-/apps. One of the locks that is sometimes incorrect is only 6 feet away from the Vera3 controller, in direct view.

Any pointers as to what to start looking into would be greatly appreciated. I want to add a security system like such as DSC, but if I can’t even trust my Vera to have the correct lock status, I don’t think I want to include it in my security.