inclusion of Leviton VRE06-1LZ dimmer??

Hi all,

Highly likely to be a stupid question, but I bought a Leviton VRE06-1LZ dimmer for some LED can lights I have. I haven’t installed it yet, but I was looking through the installation instructions tonight. When it gets to the “to include your dimmer in a network” section, the instructions say to either call Leviton’s tech support line (are you kidding me?) or to visit a web site that doesn’t exist (

All I want to know is, once I get into the “add device” mode on my Vera Edge, what do I do on the dimmer to put it in inclusion mode??!? Maybe it should be obvious (like hit the big white button), but it’s not :slight_smile: Is it that simple?


I don’t have that specific unit, but I have a lot of pretty much everything else (VRI06, VRMX1, VRZS1, etc.) in the Vizia RF line. Assuming your VRE06 works in a similar fashion to the rest of the line:

First, reset the dimmer completely by pulling the bottom of the paddle out to open the disconnect gap. Wait about 10 seconds, then press and hold the bottom of the paddle in for about 10 seconds. You will see the LED go from green to yellow, and then yellow to red. When the LED goes red, the device is resetting, and you can release the paddle.

Then, re-open the gap, wait another 10 seconds, and then again press and hold the bottom of the paddle, but this time release when the light turns yellow.

Then, start inclusion on your Vera (so, set up the dimmer as above before starting inclusion on Vera). My experience has been that the Vera and dimmer need to be very close together during inclusion–within one meter. If the inclusion is successful, the Vera will say so, and the dimmer LED will go from yellow to green.

You may also need a full browser refresh before the UI is fully caught up with the device.

Thanks for the response! I’ll hopefully get a chance to install this weekend and will give that a try!

For what it’s worth, i’ve paired this and similar Leviton dimmers before and I’ve never had to do anything more than simply click the paddle once after putting the vera in include mode.

Thanks for the info. Life has gotten in the way of me doing this install, so I hope I get to fairly soon.

Just want to thank rigpapa for the great instructions. I had to start over and although I could exclude my leviton dimmers, I couldn’t include them until I held down the paddle until the light turned red.

Thank you!