In what directory should replace the www files?

In what directory should replace the www files?


If you want to access files using HTTP to Vera’s IP address, then they should go in /www/

A bit of background information: /mios is a read-only flash filesystem which you can’t add files to. /overlay is a regular read/write filesystem and is actually where all your modified files really go. / is a hybrid (“union”) filesystem made up of a combined read-only flash part, and the aforementioned /overlay. When you try to read a file /foo/bar, OpenWrt checks to see if /overlay/foo/bar exists first, and if it does, gives you that, and if it doesn’t, gives you /foo/bar from the read-only portion. If you write to /foo/bar, it automatically changes the filename of /overlay/foo/bar, eclipsing the old /foo/bar with your changed file.

There are a couple of advantages of doing it like this. One is that if you break something you can boot in “failsafe” mode without /overlay, giving you a known good set of files from /. The other is that the read-only root filesystem is compressed better than /overlay can be, giving you more room in the limited flash space for binaries and other files you are unlikely to stick in /overlay.

In practice it all works invisibly. Pretend that /overlay doesn’t exist and just put your files in /, and it almost always does what you mean.

is it possible to sym-link the /overlay/www to another machine webserver ?

I doubt that Vera has the NFS server software installed.

it doesnt :-\

I doubt they have samba either.

there once was a way of running the vera from a pc-server with a virtual com port. i’d like this option return.