Imperihome + digital picture frame

I’m a bit new to the android environment…I have a nexus 7 running imperihome that I am using as my wall mounted home automation controller. For wife factor this wall mounted tablet needs to double as a digital picture frame and I’d like for it to only be on when nearby motion is detected. I have tasker + motion detector app + imperihome working nicely however when I try to add in the application dayframe to act as my fullscreen digital picture solution, I can’t get the screen to turn off after a period of time. Perhaps tasker and dayframe are not great together. Has anyone else developed a solution that takes a android based home automation tablet and have it act as a digital picture frame?

Have you considered just reaching out to the ImperiHome developer to add it as a feature? It already supports blanking the screen, so adjusting that to some slideshow system while still respecting the other sleep/screen-off settings would make things a lot easier.

Good idea, especially if you can give it a schedule.

Great Idea I would definitely use this.

I haven’t raised it with the developers either but I’d like to see something that functioned as a digital picture frame during user defined hours, e.g. 8AM to 8PM, and would use the camera to switch to ImperiHome. Outside the scheduled hours it would be blank and use the camera to enable ImperiHome. I will post this to the beta forum this morning.