ImperiHome development

Hi all, Is ImperiHome development dead? I can not get my Netatmo Authentication to work fails.

They don’t respond here. Use the website they have or in app support and they’ll get back to you.

Hi Tomtcom, I know that and I submitted the ticket with
ImperiHome HelpCenter in March and April no reply.

I just know that people from this forum are using ImperiHome so that why I am asking.

From what I have heard the company that does ImperiHome is in Bankruptcy. I have emailed and put in support tickets for close to a year and never got a response.

It’s dead now

Same here, it´s dead

Dead but not quite out for the count.

The old versions still work fine on Android.

And I presume if you previously purchased the iOS version and you want to jump through painful hoops you can download the last version before they introducted the requirement of account login from the Apple app store.

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