iDoorContact - iTEMP

Has anyone tried this device iDoorContact? it shows up in Vera as a door sensor but the status does not seem to change when the contact is opened or closed. Any suggestions?


When adding this device on the Vera Lite,, it shows up as a door sensor, no temperature readings. In fact, it shows the info as below:

Manufacturer: Wintop
Model : iDoorContact

Can anybody please help to set it up correctly to show temperature and also show when the dry input is open/close?


If you set configuration parameter #2 to 01 then you should see the status: i.e. open or closed. I found that this worked more reliably for scenes than the default. My understanding is that the temp needs to be polled, you can see the temp reading in the configuration settings but because it uses the door senor configuration file there is no display of temp. I dont recall how it shows with the likes of Homebuddy or Authomation.
I found the temp reading was 3-4 degrees different to a ST812 or DS18B20. There seems to be a problem with accuracy of the temperature measurement.


Well I have a different problem…

I user the External contact to tell if a door is open or not.

It works fine after setting parameter #2 to 1, when i open the door, the icon changes to open, and when I close the door, the GUI updates with a closed icon. so fare so good.

The only problem, is that after ~15 min, the switch changed to “door open”, no mater what I do. Have even tried with a wire to short the contact switch, to eliminate problems in the connection.


And I’d love to get this sensor to be split into 2 applets in my vera, one for temperature, and one for the switch…

Where do you edit the parameter #2? under device options I only have the standard z-wave options. Adding a configuration setting did not seem to work.


like this

Thanks for your help. Got the door sensor to work and it has been working continuously for at least an hour so far. will try it again tomorrow to see if it is still working then.

Sounds great…

Looking forward to hearing from you, to find out if its only mine, that wont stay closed for more then 15 min…


The sensor seems to be working fine for me, it definitely can stay closed for more than 15 minutes and still work properly. But I’ll keep testing the sensor, to see if it is reliable over time.



Sounds great. I’ll make an RMA on mine, and hope to get one that can stay colsed.

Have you changed anything in wakeup time and polling time ?


Is it just the icon on the dashboard that changes or do scenes linked to its opening or closing trigger also?

[quote=“Frasier, post:12, topic:172235”]@cokeman,
Is it just the icon on the dashboard that changes or do scenes linked to its opening or closing trigger also?[/quote]

Its the trigger that changes, did the test by setting a notification trigger on open and on close. and I do get an open within 15 min of closing the switch.

I have one of these but not yet in use so had not looked at its behavior closely. Looks like mine is also switching to open after several minutes ???

What UI are you using?

Mine is on a V2 with 1.1.1362. I originally tried it on a V2 with UI5, 1.5.408 and did not notice this but it shows up as a door/window sensor in UI5 whereas in UI4 it shows a motion sensor (config = D_MotionSensor1.xml)

It seems you where right, it does open after some time. It still works if you open the contact and close it again but it will not stay closed.

This seems to be an unstable device: running on UI4, it seemed to switch to open after 15 mins or so – similar to cokemans experience.

I’ve tried it on a V2 running UI5 1.5.408 and it seemed to be more stable but then I found that it still switched but I’ve seen the time delay vary anywhere between 30-90 mins or so. While it looks like the sensor itself is the source of the problem, it seems strange that the delay appears to differ depending on the UI version??

Any other users of this sensor out there – are you finding the sensor stable?

Just bought one of these. My VeraLite detects it as just a door-sensor. How do you get the temperature reading from it?

Will there be better support for this device in a future release from MCV?!

I created a temperature device under Apps/Develop Apps. Then i made a scene that polls the temperature from the iTemp device and writes it to my newly created temperature device.

Hello fredriksimon,
Could you explain in more detail how to create the device and the scene?

Anyone have any joy with this yet.

I seem to have the exact problem… UI5 - 1.5.408

Unit works great (also see the temp under advanced, so it can easily be viewed or plotted in graphs…

The only hassle is the Dry contact falsely changing state…

I thought it might be an electronic issue, but seems it might not be… I will try it this evening with Homeseer and AEON Z-Stick, to see if I get different results…

Could it perhaps be because of polling (Wake-up of the unit? coincidentally set to 1080 seconds (18 minutes) :wink:

Some collaboration on this would help.