iBlinds Open Command

Vera shows the iBlinds zwave motor with an “open” and “close” command, but “open” tilts the blinds from all the way closed (0%) through the open position (50%) back to closed the opposite direction (100%). iBlinds Support says that Vera sends a MultiLevel Switch value of 99/100 for the ON command. iblinds is mapped to catch the BinarySwitch ON command (value of 0xFF (255) ) and move the blinds to 50%. Seems like Vera should adjust the protocol for this product to send BinarySwitch On for the “open” command.

Just to confirm this the issue, and as a work-around, have you tried to create a scene with the advanced editor and send the binary? For most 'dimming" type devices that can take a percentage, you can still send the binary via the advanced scene editor. The attached isn’t something you would actually put in scene, but it shows for for a particular dimmer I can send a percent via Dimming1, but also a binary on or off via SwitchPower1.

Thanks for this! Using the Advanced Editor I sent SwitchPower1, SetTarget, 1. The motor moved to 100%. Not sure what this means for me though. My solution will be to create scenes for open and closed, but it sure would be nice to be able to use the open/close buttons in the device UI.

It may be possible to change the device files under “Advanced” to adjust how the GUI works, but I am not sure on this device, and don’t have one to test.

so from my experience, it would be a hardware issue or u possible could create a new device handler for vertical blinds. and with horizontal blinds (up/down) the motor will always open 100 and close will be 0, but for vertical blinds it understandable the it will be 50 while having 2 close positions (close left and close Right) so you could possible create a 3 position switch
(close) (Open) (Close) or modify the existing window covering ,xml file to understand horizontal vs vertical blinds this would be a great feature to submit via feature request