I want my little Green Guys Standing back! HSM100

For some reason which I can’t find searching the forums both of my HSM 100’s motion indicators remain tripped. The other sensors are working and updating but the motion, red guy running, won’t reset to green guy standing. ???

I’m not at either location and unless I have visitors that the cameras don’t see I’m afraid I have messed something up!

I’m on u14 and 1.1.1047 and loving every second of it!

Also, does anyone know if there is an easy way to setup outdoor switches so they repair to adjacent modules when moved outside after initial setup near the Vera2 unit.

Thanks for any help!

Have you changed any parameters recently for the HSM’s?

Since you are on .1047, just include the ODM’s anywhere and then move them to where you want them, I dont believe it makes a difference as the chip assumes 1 hop to the device anyway, unless you are on a recent beta where the heal network actually works!!


Exactly. I have a bunch of ODM’s and no problem controlling them. I never run a heal, given the Z-Wave FW bug. Build 1186.