I think I'm done with Vera

Not sure where else to post. I’ve only had my VeraEdge for about 7 months and have quickly built up my Z-wave devices (mostly switches) over time and recently ran into some issues with adding devices (spinning green wheel of death). I contacted Vera support on Oct 1st and never really got any answers from them, I’d login to my Vera webUI one morning and notice some devices were missing and see that they restored a backup and I would have to re-add those devices. Well, today I get a final email from support saying they can’t fix it and I need to reset my Z-wave network and exclude and re-include all of my devices. I just can’t see going through all of that work and possibly have to do it again, because they can’t tell my why this even happened in the first place.

I’m more tempted to move on to another controller and give it a shot because this experience with support has left me quite disappointed. I was left hanging, no response to emails, I would have to reply to my most recent reply and ask what was the status on my issue and only then I’d receive a reply and just get more of the same responses. It just seemed like no one knew what to do to resolve my issue and they were just taking a shot in the dark each attempt. I just wish they would have just told me it wasn’t fixable without a total reset instead of stringing me along for a month!

Very disappointed and feel like Vera doesn’t really care about its customers.

I use 2 HA Controllers on one zwave network and a 3rd Controller on its own zwave network. the 3rd network has my locks and doors and the other 2 handle everything else. I guess my point is you don’t have to commit to just one setup, I added device #214 to my vera3 ui5 yesterday and everything is running great. I’ve basically taken most of the hard work away from vera like timers and some of my more advanced scenes and dynamic controls are all run by tasker. This works well for me, but its hard to setup and there’s no support

Well I do have a secondary controller, the Wink hub, but I only pair zigbee devices to it and keep z-wave on my vera. I’ve tried following supports suggestion of resetting my z-wave network and it didn’t change anything. I just get the green spinning wheel of death…eventually (approx 5 mins) I’ll get a message that I can exclude a device and then it just locks up. I can’t even get through to the phone support for assistance…I replied to the support email but don’t expect a response anytime soon.

I feel your pain. I’ve gotten pretty close at giving up on the Vera/MiOS ecosystem myself. I decided to give it one more try and recently ported a bunch of my stuff to be proper MiOS plugins to see if it helps stability.

Frankly, the biggest deciding factor for me was discovering that MiOS powers a lot of OEM solutions. The platform itself might actually be sound - it’s just the consumer product that is embarrassingly dreadful.

In terms of prodding Vera into responding to support - I find that public shaming on Twitter can be effective :wink:

not sure if will help, but I have had the spinning thing happen often when not registered after a restore to default\backup applied


if says device not registered, register it

probably not it, but worth a shot

I appreciate the help. It seems like after a full z-wave network reset and a factory reset of my VeraEdge everything is working as it should (for now). Hopefully everything keeps working as it is right now.