I purchased a used vera3

I have an “old” veralite associated with my account (claude) but I now purchased a used vera3 from some guy (Chad) on amazon… he supposedly used it as a demo in his store. But now I can’t set it up in my home… I think it seems to be still associated to this guy’s account…

I wanted to associate this new vera3 to my same old account (claude) that I used with my old veralite but when I logon on cp.mios with my regular “claude” account, it does not even detect my new vera3. So what I did was I temporarily created a new account (bozo) and when I log on with this new temporary account, it detects both veras (but it tell me I am not the owner of none of them)

Welcome to MiOS bozo

MiOS systems controled by bozo

MiOS systems on my home network controlled by others
Serial #30xxxxxx // IP: Users: chad (Administrator) <------ this is the vera3 that is (I assume) still associated to this Chad guy
Serial #35xxxxxx // IP: Users: claude (Administrator) <------ this is my old veralite

What can I do? I assume doing a factory-reset will not solve my problem? (and I haven’t found a reset button on this vera3 anyway)

Please help, I already deleted all my devices from my old veralite network in order to set them up with this new vera3, but now because of this issue, I am left without any zwave network… I cannot stay too long without a zwave network, I have some vital parts of my business depending on having a functional vera network.

In the end, I really want to use my old/regular account (claude) to control my new vera3 if possible I do not want to have to create a new account like bozo.

Thanks for you help

Connect to your New(used) Vera locally with this URL:

Connect to the Vera GUI and go to Setup → Z-Wave Settings → Advanced → Reset Z-Wave Network

Next connect to the Vera GUI and go to Setup → Backup → Restore factory defaults.

Power cycle your Vera.

Clear browser cache.

Begin process of setting up new Vera and attaching to account (claude).

Thank you, I had finally thought about it… to tap in locally and reset from there… It worked.

I was happily surprised to see that this vera3 can be used thru Wi-Fi (not wired) which I setup also. I thought I read somewhere that it could also act as a bridge but I didn’t get this to work yet (or perhaps it can only bridge when the vera3 is wired?) anyways, it’s not a priority right now… I need to re-setup my whole z-wave network (many devices, cams, plugins, lua, etc…) not a small task, so I’ll get back to bridging later

Thanks for your help

I just had time to setup my vera3 and include all my devices. Everything was working well… The last plugin I installed was “Ghost Vacation” before I left for 1 week vacation
I came back Tuesday night after being away for a week and I noticed that all my house lights were turned OFF (which is abnormal for my setup at home)
So I immediatelly tried to access my vera3 but no success… when I would go to cp.mios it would try for a few seconds then it comes back with:

Luup engine is taking longer to reload.
[Try again]
You can try to reboot your unit
If the problem persist, please contact tech support
[Request tech support]

I tried all these options above without success.

I tried to request tech support but it claims “I cannot connect to the internet. Please be sure the WAN port is connected to your network and click ‘try again’.”
I tried “manually configure internet” but it doesn’t go to that page

I know it’s not my internet because everything else in the house works fine so the problem must be with my vera3

Currently the wan LED is double-blinking fast even if my internet is plugged into the WAN port
The first 3 LED are “on” (power, wan wifi) —> the zwave LED seems to be always “off”

I tried forcing my PC to specific address and connecting my PC directly into the LAN port of the vera3 and trying to access my vera3 to but I got a similar message (But honestly, I just did this from memory, so perhaps I didn’t follow the steps properly?.. can someone be kind enough to remind me how to do this with a vera3 please… I am currently at work but I will try again when I get home tonight)

The only thing I didn’t check yet is my network cable (but I doubt it’s the problem because that same cable was working fine before I left for vacation) Worst case scenario, I will try to reset my vera3 to factory default when I get home tonight (if someone can be kind enough to remind me how to do this again). and then try to restore from a backup :frowning:

Also; I sent an email to vera-support (support@micasaverde.com) but got no reply whatsoever so far

Thank you