I need a developer for a Vera App

I need a developer to make an app to run a Vera, without the need for the Vera app at all. Is this possible?

What are you asking for. What kind of app?


You do know there are many options of iOS and Andriod Apps already right.

I would like to have a custom app made to look differently then the Vera app (without downloading the Vera app at all.) Can you clarify what you mean by OPTION of iOS and android? I want it to first run on iOS, than an android version later.

Take a look at http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php?board=12.0 There are apps such as AutHomation, VeraMate, and iVera you can use for mobile control.

You don’t have to download the VERA app. What you ask for is already here. For each IOS and Android you have like 5 options or more. My favorite is “HOMEWAVE” (http://homewave.intvelt.com/) for iOS and ImperiHome (http://www.imperihome.com/) for Andriods.

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