I am no longer a PLEG user!

Been using PLEG the original 3rd party logic engine for Vera, for about 8 or 9 years.

I had 99 Conditions / Actions in PLEG, these are now all disabled and I’ve recreated them on the new Reactor engine (MSR) that works with my Vera Plus hub.

Still learning MSR and how to do somethings but everything I was doing in PLEG was fairly easy to convert over to MSR once I found my feet a bit and got going and had some help on the way.

I have some Vera scenes I’d like to also convert to MSR, so not quite done yet.

Also looking forward to testing the new native Ezlo logic engine, yet to be named. If its good I may have to move / create all these rules again, especially if MSR doesn’t support the Ezlo hubs in the future?

End of an era really, PLEG saved Vera Control Ltd. Without it I would of moved on from Vera long ago.

I’m just starting off with replacing my Vera with the EZLO plus. No plugins at the moment. There has been talk about more advanced logic natively, but I have’n had a chance to investigate yet. It is a shame that the plugins can’t be easily brought over as their was lots of useful stuff there.

Ezlo are building their own native Web based logic / rules engine. So we may not need Multi System Reactor.

And there is still a chance Patrick will in the future make Reactor work with the Ezlo hubs.

Which would then give us some choices.

Like people, product development moves on to bigger and better things. As you can see Ezlo, the owners of Vera have decided to take their technology in a new and exciting direction. This is to be commended by all involved and no doubt in time their new offerings will mature into a very usable product.

Wherever your home automation travels take you I’m sure you’ll get there. As anyone in product development will attest to technology cannot stay still and Ezlo has now proved that. Vera is a bit long in the tooth and it was long overdue for replacement. Thankfully that has now happened and I’m sure all new Ezlo owners are looking forward to the journey.

I will say the one thing I don’t miss here is all the aggression that creeped into the forum over a period of time. It’s no way to run a community. Thankfully that’s now a thing of the past and users can feel safe in the knowledge that the team at Ezlo have their best interests at heart.

I’m sure as an Ezlo user you’ll be checking back in from time to time on its progress and no doubt may well find what you are looking for here in due course.

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I don’t want to really get into to forum politics as I am currently not happy about some of the long standing forum members who have been very recently banned. Experts now gone and no longer able to assist us in this forum.

I think we need a truce and some kind of agreement and ground rules made between the different parties involved and perhaps some of the experts who would like to return are given the opportunity to do so. But I won’t be holding my breath for that to happen.

That’s all I’ll say about it. Please no further comments regarding it here.

I am looking forward to trying the new Ezlo rules engine and dashboard apps when available.

But I’ve never in the past used the Vera mobile app always used 3rd party dashboard apps instead, currently using Home Remote.

And of course we had no choice with the Vera hubs but to use a 3rd party logic engine as Vera Control Ltd never built their own.

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And if it wasn’t clear I am using a standard Vera Plus with standard Vera firmware. I’m just using a new 3rd party logic engine now running on a Raspberry Pi which has replaced PLEG.

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Nor am I. I’m certainly not interested in a load of inflated egos stamping their boots all over this forum either and abusing the owners at every opportunity. There’s no room for people like that in a civilised community.

This forum as the title would suggest is for discussing Ezlo products and not 3rd party solutions for a product that is at end of life.

I believe there has been an alternative platform established for all that. I assumed that’s what your big announcement referred to.

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Which effectively means you are using a 3rd party product.

No I am still using my bog standard Vera Plus as the base hub nothing special there.

Just using a new 3rd party logic engine.

And we’ve always used and talked about 3rd party logic engines so nothing new there either really.

And most of us have always used 3rd party dashboard apps like Automation HD, Imperihome, Home Remote and the many other 3rd party dashboard apps that existed on the app stores.

PLEG was the first logic engine for Vera and replacing it for me was a big step as I’ve used it for so long etc.

Vera hubs are not quite EOL. The Ezlo hubs currently don’t have the same level of features and functions as the Vera hubs.

They will one day and will likely surpass the Vera hubs in functionality, but they are not there just yet.

They certainly have promise and the Ezlo hubs could become even better, thinking about Zigbee 3.0 alone is a massive boost if all those cheaper Zigbee devices will work with it.

But its 3rd party integrations with Vera that saved it and made it so popular and versatile.

Ezlo needs the same widespread appeal and its having many choices and different apps and 3rd party integrations that will make it a success.

New owners, new approach which they are completely entitled to do so. Some may not like this approach and decide to move on but there’s no point making the same commentary every time expressing your displeasure. It’s quite irritating and has been happily absent in the main over the last number of weeks.

As you stated, you’re armed with MSR a Raspberry Pi and your Vera Plus so we are all aware of that fact now. Why don’t you just sit back and enjoy it

I don’t think Ezlo want to be an island a closed eco system.

They have mentioned adding support and integration for 3rd party HA systems like Control 4 which is good. They have built all these new API which can be used for 3rd party integrations.

There are two types of customers.

Those that will use the hub hardware and also use the supplied Vera / Ezlo apps and user interfaces.

Then there are those that will only want to use the hub hardware as a radio. A Z-Wave and Zigbee radio.

Some people use the Vera hub in that way and they use other platforms like Control 4 for the high end or Home Assistant for the DIY open source. There are loads of other systems out there that use Vera hubs.

But both these types of customers buy hubs and drive sales of the hub hardware.

So I’ll never see 3rd party integrations as a bad or negative thing. And if Ezlo do want to be an island I think they might struggle.

And that as they say is a decision for the owners of Ezlo. They are at the end of the day the decision makers. I wouldn’t take the liberty of second guessing their business strategy. That’s their prerogative not mine or yours.

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developer ecosystem is very important…that is why we are launching Plugin Marketplace very soon.
When comparing the platform we can compare each component that makes up the platform seperately as this would be a fair comparison…
Hubs should be compared against hubs
Integrations supported compared to integrations supported
Plugin ecosystem should be compared against plugin ecosystems
Native apps should be compared against native apps

So Vera hub/fw/hw vs Ezlo hub/fw/hw : My bet is on Ezlo hub today by a mile!
Integrations: My bet on Ezlo by a mile!
Plugin ecosystem: For now Vera has the edge, but soon will disappear with the launch of Ezlo plugin appstore
and so on…

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I like it…Vera has the edge…Let the show commence :joy:

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Wow, I haven’t been logged in for quite awhile. Little bit stunned as to the overall major shift in attitude - as in, there never used to be “attitude” and now the posts are dripping with it.

I came here to find out why the mobile app has ditched the legacy dashboard. Instead, I find “party” politics.

May be time to move on to another system with a COMMUNITY, I fear. If I want petty sniping I’ll read the “newstainment” on TV.

Very disappointed.

The new “Dashboard” is called Dashboard Pro you can revert back to the Legacy Dashboard by going to Settings - > Dashboard Settings and selecting “Legacy Dashboard”.

Yeah, that’s what it used to be - but there’s no option for Dashboard Settings under Settings any longer. This is in the iOS app.

It’s definitely there on my Android app I checked earlier.

What version of the IOS app are you running? Make sure it’s the latest available version from the Apple store that’s installed. There are also newer beta versions available also that you can sign up for.

It should tell you under “Tech Support” what version it is currently.

Someone from Ezlo may need to confirm why you can’t see it, as I have no IOS devices.

App version 3.53(13)

Oddly, I’d been having issues with the Vera app triggering a geofence even though it was turned off for location. I finally deleted it, reinstalled it, and (so far) the issue is gone. But after the reinstall it is missing the legacy dashboard option.

Edit: I removed and readded again - the version is the very latest AND it was updated by Ezlo two days ago. The legacy dashboard option is def not present. I’ll reach out to Support.

UPDATE: Support went the cable company route, “uninstall>reboot>reinstall” which I took a step further and logged out and back in - still no Legacy Dashboard. Oscar in Support has been updated.

UPDATED: Support has “escalated to the iOS team”

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