HVAC Implementation file for Cool Only

i started to modify the default D_HVAC_ZoneThermostat1 file in order to Remove the Heating elements as they not cupported by many devices, so its nice to have some sort of optical seperation.

i managed to remove all Buttons not used/needed/working but somehow there are 2 issues left.

  1. the Blue selector has turned RED (for warm) … well its just the color … everything does work anyway.
  2. the window is not getting smaller at all … does anyone know how i do define the thermostate window size ?

maybe anyone could help me out in what i do wrong ?

To reduce the width of the device tile, change line 10 in the json file. Try an X value of 3.

You will also need to relocate the vertical slider to the left. This is control group 6. Try changing line 100 to have a left value of 2.5.

My search-fu is failing me at the moment, so I can’t find the old thread. In a nutshell it said: There are a lot of hardcoded assumptions about HVAC devices in the JavaScript of the Vera UI. If I recall, one of those hardcoded assumptions is that if there is one vertical slider then it will be red, and if there is a second if will be blue. (Also the string “Heater” in the device URN is searched for specifically in places in the JavaScript.) You may be out if luck if you want the colour to match “cooling” only.

Thank you for your help Rex … got it sorted out …
just the issue about the Drawer has turned red … but i think that is not so serious …
also removed the heating settings and heating related triggers …

here all files:

To get this app an implementation file is needed.
How can I get it?

[quote=“Alireza44907, post:5, topic:181364”]Hello
To get this app an implementation file is needed.
How can I get it?[/quote]

This thread is not about a plugin. The thermostat is a Z-Wave device so no Implementation file is needed. The modifications were intended just to customize the UI display.

But when I press help on aiconditioner zone thermostat plugin this page opens.

It does? I made no change there (promise) its just like rex said, a “croped version” for a airconditioner.

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Yes, You can try it
Is it possible to help me with this app?

the help link on my vera (UI5) leads to the mios documentation for thermostats … which is correct)

however to “help”

you simply add the Termostate the normal way … make sure it does work …
go to Apps → Develop apps- > Luupfiles
upload the file i attached in the post

then you edit the device and in Advanced → device_file you just put “D_HVAC_ZoneThermostatAC1.xml”

safe - reload …
refresh browser … and you done

…sorry, not working :-[ :stuck_out_tongue:

If you tell us what model of thermostat you have, which type of Vera and which version of UI you are using we may be able to help. Also tell us what is/is not working and what you expected.

i have this working on serval different termostates … IR and cable ones … with no issue,
the only “problem” is that the Temperature Drawer defaults to Heating “red color” but works anyway…

so it would be really interesting indeed to know the informations about your infrastructure