Humax Foxsat HDR plugin

The two attached files D_HumaxFoxsatHDR.xml and I_ HumaxFoxsatHDR.xml implement Vera control for this device with the custom firmware by @raydon, installed as described in http:// release-4-0-part-1-a.html

The virtual device implements the DiscretePower, Volume, MenuNavigation, MediaNavigation, and NumericEntry services defined by No Vera user interface is provided (because there are far better alternatives, and the Vera UI is really just an installation, configuration, and maintenance tool, not a real user interface).

The two main ways of using this are by invoking the service actions from Vera scenes (or Lua code), or by accessing the service end points from a UPnP control point. I’m currently doing the former (and invoking the scenes from the excellent HomeWave app) but I’m searching for a good multi-purpose UPnP control app. Suggestions?