Http command send with username and password

Hello all,
I need to send http://admin:a1234567@ code with a scene luup code editor. I tried to send luup.inet.wget( "http://admin:a1234567@" ) but doesnot work but if i try to send luup.inet.wget( "http://root:root@" ). This time it is ok. How can I send first code without problem?

I assume that you’re not actually posting your real password. But I have seen cases where special characters in passwords cause problems. Which special characters are in your password? Feel free to randomize their order in your reply.

They are real password, actually they are default password. It is at LAN not WAN devices so why should I keep them secret?

another tip, read the manual for luup.inet.wget. I’ve seen a similar function that has specific parameters for the http basic auth username and password, like wget where 1 is the timeout for the get request, and user and pass are separate variables for the credentials.