for VeraEdge?

Hi all,

before I had a Vera 3 with an account on When I was on I was able to install app when needed.

Now I have a VeraEdge and created a new login on The login has same username.
Now if I go to and I login, I can see only my old Vera 3.

What can I do? is valid also for UI7 and VeraEdge? How Can I distinguish the two account?


apps.mios is for the older units, home.getvera is for the newer ones.

But I cannot find the app and the new beta version as in
for I can login into my vera as usual.

Thanks for support

Click on “Apps”, then “Install Apps”.

Yes, I know. But going on for example I can see the Sonos app 1.3 where on the store I can only see the 1.2.
I believe that I cannot see and install that version from Correct?


Correct. Apparently according to Vera, they are going to be reworking the “store” in January. So we’ll see what they manage to do.