HSM100 Move

I am planning to move an HSM100 sensor and was wondering what the best process would be:

  1. Delete the HSM100 from the Network and then re-add it when in the new position.
  2. Move the HSM100 and then Repair the Network

Probably removing and re-adding it is the best choice, but it is currently working properly and I am afraid it won’t be after doing that.

I move and then repair network

It isn’t routing unit, I’m not sure it matters that much

I actually have one that’s a routing unit and one thats not, although the one that routes is useless for motion detection since it’s always tripped, but for super fast updates on temp and light readings, I like this.

How did you make it routing?

There is a stay awake setting, its default of 0, I changed it to 1, save the settings in vera. Then exclude the device from the network, reinclude it and bingo, the HSM100 is always awake. I hacked mine to be powered by an old 5v 1a LG cell phone charger and it works great.

That’s interesting.
What’s the delay between the change in temp or lighting conditions and update from HSM100 now?

6 minutes is lowest setting on battery to come back awake, but if you poll it every minute, and you have the device “stay awake” bit set, then you can get the updated info as often as you choose to poll it.