HSM100 and Vera2

Does anyone have any idea on how to get a HSM100 to showup in Vera2/UI4 as something other than Generic IO. I have added the device, and then periodically hit the blue button. When I do hit the blue button it shows some configuration messages (purging associations, etc) but then goes back to a “Waiting for wakeup to configure”.

I have added/removed it several times, waited days for it to correctly configure, hit the blue button dozens of times, and created a support ticket with MCV (no response whatsoever there).

Any ideas? Thanks

I just received my Vera2 last night, so I’ll have to comment on that later this weekend. However, with my Vera1, the only way I’ve ever been successful with getting my 3-in-1s to configure is to leave them sitting on top of my vera box for a while to let them configure, then move them to their operating location. They just don’t seem to be able to configure at a distance for me, even with plenty of neighbors close by.

Thanks for the reply. I have actually had the unit sitting within 1-2 feet of Vera while waiting (hoping) to get it to work. Hopefully MCV has some insight. If you do get yours working please let me know.

Yeah, 1-2 feet away didn’t work for me, either.

Bizarre. So I went to micasaverde.com/vera2 and it told me my version was outdated. I let it update the firmware. The restore of settings failed but luckily I made a backup just beforehand. A couple of reboots and strange issues later I was back with all my devices (including the 3 in 1 sensor showing as GenericIO). I am pretty sure that the firmware update put the exact same version I had before (1.1.992).

I’m not sure if I hit the blue button or it did it itself, but it is now recognizing a 3-in-1 sensor with light, motion, and temperature devices all showing up!

So, maybe just reboot your vera with the 3-in-1 sitting right next to it. Of all the things I tried, I’m not sure if I ever rebooted the darn thing.

Good luck. As with all things Vera, in my limited experience, the stars must align just right.