HS-FC200 Fan Controller

Does anyone know if this fan controller is compatible with Vera? I have a GE/Jasco 3 speed fan controller that works but does not give any indication of fan speed and I was thinking if this works I could use the LEDs to indicate the speed. A quick look at the “Works with Vera” page had no listing for any HomeSeer products but I wondered if that was a deliberate omission or they simply won’t work with Vera. If you are using it, can the LED’s be programmed with PLEG? Thanks


Mine works. Now, adding the code to use the status LED’s. Any sample code or assistance is appreciated.

I just added one of these to my home. The LEDs are controlled with zwave parameters. They are fairly trivial to add to the device settings and I was able to change the default color. I haven’t dug into the luup code yet but it looks like it will be simple to do. If you’ve started on it, let me know. If not, I’ll post something when I’ve got more details on the status LEDs.

My new plugin supports the HomeSeer HS-FC200+ Fan Speed Controller

New scene controller plugin