HRDS-1 UI4 Interface Question

I have installed two HRDS-1s as garage door sensors, and two Evolve FM-20 relays to activate the door openers. I operate the doors with a scene containing a Luup script that checks the sensors state (using variable_get for Tripped) combined with an advanced scene setup that activates the relay for 2 seconds. The opening and closing works fine, only opening the door if the Luup detects that the sensor shows it to be closed, and vice versa. The problem I am having is that in the UI4 interface, the sensors show the red running icon when they are actually not tripped, even though the scene works. When I look at the Advanced tab of the sensor, it shows the Tripped variable to be 0 even though the icon shows red.

My question: what does the red icon in UI4 truly represent, if it does not represent the Tripped state of the sensor?


An update. After some 12- 24 hours, the icon began to properly represent the tripped state, and appears to be working properly. Will continue to monitor it and report back if the problem resurfaces.

Still having periods where the icon does not represent the Tripped state properly. I suppose it is related to the fact that the device only wakes up for 10 seconds every so often, and the interface gets out of sync. If anyone has any fixes, please advise.