How would I replace my Vera 2 with 3 and retain settings?

I have the v3 on its way and will be using this to replace my current Vera2. How would I transfer all the data and scenes etc?
Is there a downside to this?

You’d upgrade your V2 to UI5 first. Create a backup. Restore the backup to your V3.

Do I need to do some type of controller transfer to make it primary also?

I’ve tried this, but it’s giving me a “no zwave dongle” error… Any suggestions?

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Check that your Z-Wave port is the correct one:,8660.msg56161.html#msg56161

Will such a backup/restore also transfer all of the Z-wave devices to the stick in the Vera3? Or is that done automatically when the Vera3 is added to the network?

If you also made a backup of the Z-Wave dongle, then the devices should be restored on Vera 3.

When doing the restore make sure you select the "restore zwave dongle " checkbox.

  • Garrett