How to use VERA2 as wifi with SC Blaster

I’m still having trouble connecting my client’s SquareConnect Remote+Blaster, where the Blaster is connected to his cable modem wifi. I get a strong wifi signal in SQR on my old backup iPhone when I’m in his home office, where his Netgear WGR614v10 cable modem lives. But when I go out to his family room, where his home theater equipment lives I get no signal at all. I have to stand in the hallway to get any wifi signal at all in SQR on the iPhone, and even when I do that the commands are spotty at best. And it’s extremely difficult to look to see if the Blaster is sending and if the HT EQ is receiving when I have to stand in the hallway away from the EQ.

It’s around 33-36 +/- feet from where his cable modem is to where VERA2 and the Blaster are, with the cable modem in a room in the front of the house and the HT EQ on the opposite end on the back side of the house. The wifi signal has to travel through two walls. I’ve had to use my old backup 2 year old iPhone (w/o a sim card & in Airplane mode, as an “faux iPod”) as he is always using his iPhone 4. I don’t know if the old iPhone is contributing to the weak wifi signal.

But my client’s VERA2 is hard-wired to the cable modem via ethernet cable. And my client’s VERA2 sits right next to his Blaster. So using VERA2 as wifi for his SQR+Blaster seems ideal. John at SQR told me I could use VERA2 but it had to have a different IP number. I’m not sure exactly what that means or how to set this up. I’ve read through all the network docs from the VERA website re: DHCP, Static IPs, Firewall etc… But those docs speak of 4 LAN ports. So it sounds like they’re talking about the original VERA. I have a VERA2 that only has Eth 1 and Eth 2 on the back. And those directions talk about configuring manual IPs from CLI in either Windows or Unix. I’m on a Mac. So’s my client. That’s my other issue. I absolutely have to be able to configure this on a Mac.

My system is working fine and I hate to have to do this but I have to figure this out on my system before I go over and try to do this on my client’s system. Please tell me exactly what I have to do to configure VERA2 so I can run SQR+Blaster from VERA2 wifi without disrupting network or internet service throughout the entire house. Please be clear and specific. I have some network skills but I still need everything spelled out in plain English.

My system:

Actiontec GT724-WG DSL modem with 4 LAN ports using WPA2 security with VERA2 UI4 connected directly to the Actiontec - but I need to MOVE VERA to my HT and connect it there via 75’ ethernet cable to simulate my client’s setup.

My client’s system:

Netgear WGR614v10 cable modem with 4 LAN ports using WPA2 security with VERA2 UI4 connected directly to his cable modem via 50’ ethernet cable

Eventually I’ll be connecting VERA2 in my HT room through a Netgear ProSave 8-port Gigabit Switch, so any info re: the difference between connecting VERA2 directly to the DSL modem via 75’ ethernet cable and through the Netgear Gigabit Switch and what additional configuring - if any - I’ll have to do to use VERA2 wifi through the GB switch would be greatly appreciated.

I would also appreciate directions on how I go back to my original setup using SQR through my DSL modem and put VERA2 back the way it was in case this VERA2 wifi doesn’t work out for me.

I like the idea of using a static IP for VERA2 so it’s IP always remains the same when power goes out or I have to reboot my DSL modem. So any pros or cons or info on how I do that while going back to using wifi from my DSL modem would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks.

TSan - please open a support ticket. We will gladly try and help you get your system set up. Although we try and keep an eye on these forums… they are MCV’s forums and we do not always react as fast to issues here, whereas the support system pings us directly and we can track all the conversations easily… It also allows us to contact you directly - for a much swifter solution.

We try to respond to all tickets as soon as we possibly can.



Thanks for your swift reply, John. Your email response was clear, simple to understand and follow, and filled in all the “gaps” for me. I now have a much better understanding of how both Vera and my DSL wifi works. And I especially appreciate all the time you put into answering each and every on of my questions in such great detail since it was more of a Vera issue than it was a SquareConnect issue.

I was successful in getting my Vera wifi to work. Both my SquareConnect Remote and Blaster are working perfectly through the new Vera wifi connection. And I feel confident that I now can go over to my client’s, hook up his Vera wifi and fix his long-distance wifi dropout issues by using his Vera instead of his cable modem wifi.

Tremendous, immediate help. Unbelievably thorough. Completely solved my problem. Greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!