How to use PLEG in UI7

I do not quite understand how to use the PLEG-plugin in UI7.

All guides I’ve found are showing how to use PLEG in UI5/UI6 and I cannot “convert” those instructions to UI7.

Here’s a scen I’d like to create.


  • The time is between 23:30 - 05:30
  • The’re is a motion detected.


  • Turn on the lights
  • Timer: 3 min
  • Turn of the lights.

Any help on this would be very appreciated.

If you haven;t seen it already, look at the PLEG Basics - An Introduction to the Program Logic Event Generator by @RexBeckett.

Even though the UI versions may be different, causing the screens to look a little different, the process is still the same. The first couple of examples in the tutorial cover your scenario. However, you could start with an even more basic one like below.

MyMotion is tripped

    MySchedule: Start 23:30  Stop 05:30

LightsOn MyMotion AND MySchedule
LightsOff LightsOn > 3

LightsOn Turn on the light
LightsOff Turn off the light

If you are already in the time window of the schedule, when you create the PLEG, it will seem not to work until you click run now on the schedule to make it true.

It seems to me that everyone links to this tutorial which is only available to registeret users of the old forum to which one can no longer sign up.
Did I miss something or is this a real case of a Catch 22.

Is there anyone who could take on the task to move it to this forum?

Here you go.
PLEG (384.4 KB)
I don’t use PLEG but I copied the manual over from the old forum. I use the Reactor plugin instead.

Agreed, I have a sign in and the links are broken.

1000% agreed that Reactor plug-in is the way to go in UI7, in lieu of the venerable-but-aging PLEG.

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