How To Troubleshoot a Suddenly Slow Switch?

I have a GE 14292 that is suddenly having a 30 plus second delay updating status in Vera Plus. It worked instantly for weeks. I updated neighbor nodes and that did nothing. Then it became instant again on its own and is now slow. It works right away when I manually trigger the switch via the app. How can I troubleshoot this? I never had an issue with it before.

Also - the switch is within 20 feet of the controller and there are four other zwave plus switches between it and the controller.

I think the GE14292 is one of these switch which don’t have instant status therefore the Vera uses a work around by polling the device regularly. You are to expect some variation in timing depending on how busy the vera and zwave network is.

This happens a lot with polling intervals and certain switches. I have 2 that take quite some time to update to Vera but fortunately they are not used in any scenes.

Perhaps check if you can change a polling interval to a shorter time for it but be careful of burdening the network with more polling requests. If you change the global settings all will be affected. Since it is one switch only you could try decreasing the interval it is polled on the variables of the switch itself.