How to trigger a scene whenever temperature changes?

I have a temperature sensor and I want to run a scene each time it reports any change in temperature. I did not find the way to do that. Is is possible to program? It only appears possible to use “temperature goes above x” and “temperature goes below y” triggers.

Use PLEG and a device property. Create a condition that just references this property. You can add actions to that condition that will run any time the property value changes.

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PLEG is a good way to do this.

2 alternatives to mull over as well:

  1. Use AltUI. It has variable watches built in to the trigger conditions. So you can put in something like (“new” ~= “old”) as your condition and it will fire the scene whenever the temperature changes.

  2. Set up a variable watch. This is more work in lua, but does not require any plugins. See,18679.msg217315.html#msg217315. You will need to add some code to only run your scene when the new temperature is different from the old temperature. The default is to run whenever the temperature value is updated regardless of whether it changes.