How to smartify my old halogen lamp

I would like to add a Smart dimmer to my old halogen lamp. But I could not find any external device with an easy to use physical control for the dimmer.
I’m now trying to build a small box with a Fibaro dimmer, a plug and a button, but the look is not very charming.
Any suggestion? Pls note I need EU compatibility…

For EU, the only options would be the in-wall modules from Fibaro, Aeon Labs or Qubino, to which you can attach an external control button.
If you’re using it outdoors you can always put it in a weatherproof plastic enclosure.

I have successfully used some cord similar to this:

Just cut the bulb connector and attach a normal plug connector. You can then attach it to any non-zwave device.
By using a box at the end, you can make it certainly less ugly on the visible zone.