How to setup Neighbors for device

I’ve Vera plus and some devices that are electric devices (not battery operators) get an error “Can’t Detect Device” because they are behind large wall or doors.
my question is what i need to write in the Neighbors under the Variable tab for this device to go with mesh that i point it?
do i need to get the altid number of the second hope (near by electric device) and put it in the Neighbors of the failed device or i need to do more?


I dont think it is possible to manually add neighbors. Have you tried updating neighbors in the device settings? How far is the nearest online AC powered z wave device?

Seems you can manually edit the Neighbours variable and add in another altid and hit save.

But normally the nightly heal would sort out the neighbours or you can manually update neighbours by pressing the button to do so in a devices “devices options” area.

You could also try turn off Automatically Configure for the problem device in its Settings this may get rid of the Can’t detect device red banner.

Does the device operate OK still even though its saying can’t detect device?

the device is not working when it get this error can’t detect device. the error comes when the door is closed on that room. do i need to put only the altid of the near by device or add the full mesh altid devices until it see the main vera (altid 1)?

You probably need a physically denser Zwave mesh. A dense network is a happy network.

Can you add another device to this side of the door? A powered socket switch or some such…?

I’ve some power sockets behind that door this is why i asked how to setup the Neighbours currectlly…
how can i check from within the vera if one device can talk to other device? what command i need to run to check it?

On the device thats causing issues go to device settings, and click update neighbors. Give it a few minutes, then go the devices near the problematic device and do the same. Then refresh your browser and check if the neighbors updated.

I’ve found that if you go to a device that is near the faulting device, on the path between the controller and the faulting device, and run “Update Neighbors” on it, I have much better luck. The near device usually finds the faulting device, and both update each other. At that point, there’s a good path between them.

It’s hard to initiate a neighbor search on a device the controller can’t talk to. But if you can find an existing device that can see it, things go better.

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