how to set up a "scene" to cancel another from initiating?

Problem: I have created two scenes (scheduled light to come on and scheduled light to go off). However it’s a zwave wall plug in a bed room and I’d like to create a scene to override the light from going on without having to pull my computer out, log in and over wifi turn off the schedule from occuring each time.

Does anyone know how I can create a scheduled scene that I could remotely initiate to cancel the light from coming on that I could remotely initiate from my phone’s app?

Use pleg with a switch input or use a virtual switch. “Toggling” is also an option. I know this might not be the answer you are looking for but searching the forum on these keywords will bring you the solution.

You could add a VirtualSwitch and use Lua code in your scenes to check its state when they are scheduled. See Conditional Scene Execution. You can change the setting of the VirtualSwitch using a remote app on your phone.

thank you guys, for a non-programmer, non-techie, this is greek to me. I’ll look into them and try to read up and learn the vernacular. Appreciate the input.